What is a preheader?

When you receive an e-mail the first thing you see is the sender, the subject line and the preheader. The preheaderen are the two lines below the subject line:


If you do not consciously insert a preheader in your email, this text will be drawn from the top of your newsletter. This is often text as “Read your mail directly in your browser”. Text that does not give the user anything.

Isave creates a hidden Preheader module to your newsletter, so you can decide what should be written on these two lines. The preheaderen should be used consciously to get the receiver interested, and make them want to open your newsletter.

If you do not have a preheader in your template, this is probably because it’s been a while since your newsletter was set up … Please contact us if you want to get a preheader module inserted in your newsletter.

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