Add prices to print templates

If the end user should be able to order print documents in isave.DIALOG, a price must have been set in the template. You can do this under admin, ”settings” and then ”prices.”

Unit Price: Check this if the price should be set for each unit.


Bulk price: This setting allows the user to choose the number on an order. The price will be calculated based on the different price ranges added to the item. It means that you can set up that the user will get “discounts” when ordering larger quantities, for example. The price being set is per piece. When using this setting the first prize must always start with the number 1.

Bulk pris


Bulk price, fixed volum: With this option the user will not have the opportunity to choose a number og products, but they get a drop down menu with various choices. Eg 100 pcs, 200 pcs. etc.

Bulk fixed pris


Unit description: Here you choose the unit. For example, stk., Boxes, packages etc.

Setup charge: If you charge for setup, you enter the price here.

Delivery tax: If it comes sales tax for delivery this is entered here.

Product tax: If it comes VAT on the product this is entered here.

This is divided into two settings so that Isave have the opportunity to adapted businesses in countries where VAT on delivery and products is different.

The VAT settings are placed on the agent company in isave.DIALOG. This is done under the menu system – company information – tax rates. The settings are inherited to all the companies under the agent.


Do you experience problems with pricing, please contact us in Isave AS, so we can help!

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