How to make your e-mail list warm

Warm lists is about making lists of contacts that you know are interested in getting newsletters from you. This is simply contacts that have signed up for a newsletter list.

The contradiction is cold lists consisting of email addresses you have purchased or possibly even found. Often business addresses. It is not allowed to send e-mails to private e-mail addresses unless they have signed up for it. Read what the law says about e-mail marketing.

To achieve good results with e-mail marketing it is important to send out newsletters to those who actually committed and want to receive news from you. Do not use the time to send out mass information to people who do not care and that probably only will mark you as SPAM. This has a negative impact on you, and it is therefore wise to try to avoid.

Collect email addresses to warm lists

Underneath are some suggestions on how to collect addresses from people interested in what you have to offer. If there is something you think is missing, feel free to comment on the article to share your tips.

1. Let people subscribe on your homepage
A good advice is to place the subscribing in the template of your page so that it is visible on all sides. The most common is to have it in the very top or in the footer. Please write clearly what people get when they sign up. Write “Subscribe to receive tips and advice …” rather than “Subscribe to our newsletter.”

2. The newsletters should contain valuable information for the user
Find out what kind of valuable information you can offer, and put this into your newsletter. This can be tips and advices, instructions, information about products, how the customer gets the most out of your products / services etc.

3. Providing user something for signing up
Sometimes it may be wise to entice the reader with something free. This may be technical reports, guides, coupons etc.

4. Have ”send to a friend”-link in your newsletter
Let the recipient easily send the newsletter on to a friend if they find it interesting.

5. Allow recipient to share the newsletter on social media
Place social media icons in your newsletter so that the receiver easily find their way to your profiles.

6. Submit registration to the newsletter in your e-mail signature
Sometimes it may happen that you send an e-mail to recipients who are not already signed up for your newsletter. As you send a personal e-mail, you probably have a relation to this person, and they might find it interesting and want your newsletter.

7. Submit registration links in social media
Feel free to add an app on facebook and registration links on your various social media profiles. Please share an e-mail occasionally, but not too often.

8. Make free events
Send an invitation on social media or to people you already have the email. Ask them to invite their friends. Capture the e-mail address to anyone who signs up and send out one e-mail after the event. Mention that they receive this e-mail because they were at the event and that they can easily opt out of further newsletters.

9. Capture email addresses personal
Do you often connect with customers and others in terms of sales, fairs, etc., there is nothing wrong in asking whether they will sign up for your newsletter. Have a iPad or something ready where they can write name to e-mail to subscribe. Make it easy and quickly done.

10. Describe subscribing to newsletters on printed marketing material
This may be done by SMS or QR code..

Have questions about hot and cold lists, please contact us in Isave AS, so we can help!

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