Make a good folder structure

In isave.DIALOG you can use the module “files” to upload photos and other documents for use in your communication. It may be a good idea to spend some time creating a good structure in files before starting to use it. So that it dosen’t get all messy.

Folder group vs folder
In isave.FILES you have three options when you create something new. You can create a folder group, a folder or a new template.

A folder group may contain several different folders or templates / documents.
A folder may only contain various templates. No folders.

Access to folders
All folder groups and folders in isave.DIALOG can be access controlled. They can be set so that they are visible to all users, only a certain group, or just for administrators. Only administrators have the rights to control this access. Read more about access control for administrators.

So, what do you have to think through?
– What content should be added to isave.FILES?
– Do you need folder groups with subfolders and/or regular folders?
– Who should have access to see the different folders?

It may be a good idea to draw / visualize a folder structure before starting to add too much content in isave.FILES. Try to categorize content and putt it in folder groups and / or folders. Make sure that access control is correct. Perhaps you have to have some folders that are only for administrators and / or different groups.

Do you need help with your folder structure, please contact us in Isave AS, so we can help!

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