Order-email to supplier

For all print documents that are beeing ordered in isave.DIALOG, there are sent out an order e-mail to the supplier.

Note that it also sends an order confirmation on e-mail to the person who orders the product.

Note that if you have set up certification for the company, it will be sent an e-mail to the selected certifier, which must approve the order before the order e-mail will be sent to the supplier. Read about certifying orders.

Order e-mail to supplier
The top part of the e-mail will include the date for the order, ordernumber and this sentence: If you have any questions about this order please contact (agent siteName).

Ordre-epost til leverandør

Order e-mail will be sent to
The order e-mail will be sent to the e-mail registered under the system – suppliers.

Sender of order e-mail
The sender of the e-mail will be collected from the e-mail field under system – company information – information on the agent side.

Subject-fields on order e-mails
The subject-field will follow this syntax:
(Company name) Order: (ordernumber) from: (agent site name) to: (supplier name)

Do you experience problems with your order e mail, please contact us in Isave AS, so we can help!

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